Getting Like Benjamin

Am I the only girl at London escorts who thinks that sometimes older men seem to lose the plot? Okay, I have to be honest. On occasion us girls at charlotte escorts get together and have a little chat about our clients. Working as an escort in London means that you meet men from all different age groups. The younger guys are often only ever after one thing, but the older ones are different. Many of them think they can recapture their youth when they date young London escorts.

Some senior guys who date London escorts only want to date London escorts who are in their early 20s. When you start talking to them, it becomes blatantly obvious that most of them met their wives when they were in their 20s. By now their wives are, of course, older but that does not stop the men missing the young girls that they went out with when they were young. I can understand that. One way senior guys try to recapture their youth is by dating young London escorts.

What else do they do? They buy sport cars. I think that almost all my London escorts clients over the age of 50 have a sports car. After you have been out on a couple of dates with them, you will realise that they really don’t talk about anything else. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have learned a lot about cars and lost count of how many times I have been taken for a ride in an expensive sports car. A few of my dates have spent a small fortune on buying sports cars which they eventually start to complain about. Needless to say, any sports car is not as comfortable as a luxury Mercedes saloon.

Not all my senior London escorts clients are into expensive cars. Another crowd seem to think that they are going to be able to recapture their lost youth by becoming pilots. They start to take flying lessons and even dream of buying their own airplane. When they realise how expensive flying is as a hobby, they quickly give it up. Flying and owning an airplane is not as easy as it would seem on the surface.

Then we have the men who buy boats. I have been asked to come sailing on many occasions. I love sailing but many of these guys have not taken sailing lessons. Before I go sailing, I always make sure that the guy has a skipper license. If they look at your blankly, I tell them that sailing is a complicated business and you have to make sure that you are safe. I love working for London escorts, but let me tell you that dating senior guys is not always as easy as you would assume. Yes, they are nice and fun to be with, but most of the time they are like small boys who want to play with big expensive toys.

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