Is dating petites not in fashion

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I have a real passion for dating petite escorts in but for some reason I am having a really hard time finding petite hot babes in London. Abroad there is not a big deal to find petite girls, but for some reason it seems that petites have gone out of fashion, or dropped out of demand in London. It would be great if you could let me have some information about this problem and tell me where I can expect to date hot petites in London. I never had a problem a few years ago but now every time I visit, there seems to be less and less petites. Thank you Mr Loveable

Dear Mr Loveable,

Thank you for your email. Dating petite escorts is still very popular in London but the fact is that it is very difficult to find petite ladies these days. A lot of ladies seem to have all of a sudden gone up a couple of dress sizes and this is the reason why it is so difficult to find petite London escorts. Many agencies that we have spoken to are really struggling and some agencies do not seem to be able to recruit petite ladies at all.

If you are seriously interested in dating petites, the best choice for you would be to check out central London escorts agencies. They seem to have more petite escorts than other agencies in and around London. Central London agencies are often located around Kensington, Fulham and Mayfair. Please be aware that these are some very exclusive areas of London and you may have to be prepared to pay a bit extra for the service. I know that many gents have been frustrated by the lack of petite ladies so you need to make sure you arrange your dates well ahead of time.

Petite escorts are indeed very popular in other countries, For instance if you check out France, you will find it seems to be full of petite ladies dating. In Paris you will be able to find a petite date very easily but at the moment gents are certainly struggling here in London. I would not advice you to date independent escorts as there seems to have been a lot of trouble in the independent escorts community here in the UK recently. Some of the ladies who were working here were actually underage and this is a very serious crime.

Don’t expect your London escorts service to be able to accommodate your needs all the time. If you have very specialized needs it might be a good idea to check out several agencies and also arrange dates early. If you are a regular dater you will find that many agencies can offer a date for a new meeting as soon as your date has finished. This is an option well worth considering depending on what your needs are.
There are still plenty of London escorts available but finding petite escorts can be a real problem these days.

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