Male Escorts for the Girls

I think that we are really bad about promoting male escorts here in London. We always assume that it is only gents who would like to enjoy some sexy companionship but that is not true. I know of plenty of ladies who would like to enjoy a bit of sexy companionship as well. On my nights off from Arsenal escorts, I like to go swinging with a really nice group of people, and I know that many of the ladies there would like to date male escorts.

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If the ladies that I meet at my swinging club would like to date male escorts, I am sure that other ladies would like to as well. Think about the many thousands of ladies who visit London to shop every week. I am sure that many of these ladies would like to meet up with some hot guys in the evening. Like so many other escort services around London, Arsenal escorts do not cater for the ladies. Well, we do duo dating but that is not the same thing.

What I am talking about is one to one dating just like you get with the girls from Arsenal escorts. I am sure that there are plenty of guys who would be interested to work as male escorts, it is just that they don’t know where to start. If there were a few professional male escort agencies in London, they would soon get the right idea. They just need a bit of inspiration and to find somewhere to learn about how you can become a London gigolo.

The girls who work for Arsenal escorts get a lot of support from the agency. Top agencies such as Arsenal escort services spend a lot of time promoting the girls. This is where the marketing of female escorts in London has come along way in recent years. Now I feel that the same thing needs to happen for the boys who like to work as male escorts in London. With the right kind of support, they could become as good as all of the female escorts who work in London today.

Most of the girls here at Arsenal escorts know that you need to have certain attributes to be a successful female escort. The same thing applies to male escorts as well. You would need to be handy and deliver a personal experience. That is what has the gents coming back to us time and time again. If we had a decent male escorts service here in London, I think that the industry would continue to grow. At the moment I feel that it is stagnating a bit. That has to do with that a lot of agencies do not take the needs of the ladies into account. A strong industry made up out of both gents and girls would help the entire industry. I know of a couple of guys who would enjoy escorting and they would be really good at it. But they all feel that they would like to work for an agency like us girls.

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