Top 10 sexiest women in the world

Professional London escorts are best known for her beauty, talent and personality. It is believed that women work extremely hard compared to men, for them to maintain the high graph of their fame. There are several sexy and hot London escorts that have found it easier to raise their popularity scale using their stunning looks and talent just like these other sexy women.

· Olga Kurylenko

She is a sexy stunning diva from Ukraine. Olga Kurylenko is a popular television celebrity and model. She is a graceful lady and a Victorian beauty. Olga is currently an ambassador of several beauty and cosmetics brands that are internationally recognised. Many London escorts found at model their look from her.

· Anna Fenninger

She is a famous Australian athlete. Ann has a wonderful figure and an amazing and cute smile. Her sexy body increases the level of success in her profession. Anna’s spell of beauty, is well known all over the world and television channels conduct her interviews often. Many escorts in London wish to be as popular as her. · Clair Bidez

She is also a popular athlete from the United States of America but her profession requires her to travel to several other nations. Clair has sexy and hot pictures in bikini and swimming suits which are prove of her great personality. However, Clair focuses more on her profession than beauty, and has made several world records. Clair’s work ethic is inspirational to London escorts.

· Gracie Gold

She is a popular skater and sparkling woman in the world. Gracie is innocent and beautiful just like her name. This graceful and young woman has made several admirable successful records in her profession. Her innocent demeanour is envied by all escorts in London.

· Sarah Hendrickson

She is just 19 years and has beautiful appeal, hot body and amazing personality. Sarah is an amazing ski jumper and is very famous in the internet since she owns a stunning and stylish body.

· Julianne Hough

She is a gorgeous and wonderful popular singer and dancer. London escorts would die to be her.

She is well known for her sexy personality and beauty which, made her successful as a dancer. Julianne has performed in various ceremonies with great escorts accompanying her.

· Natalie Portman

She is a popular Hollywood actress. Natalie has given us several great movies and she simply looks hot and graceful in all her movies, enough to drive the youngsters insane about her. She never stops from experimenting on haircuts, outlook and style. Many London escorts relate to Natalie as they are constantly changing their look and style.

· Katy Perry

She is a talented, hardworking sexy pop-star. Katy has also been nick named as Hot California Girl for having a great personality and amazing skills. She has attended several events with great escorts making her more famous in the world.

· Eva Mendes

She is currently at her early 40s but still possesses a sexy and hot appeal. Like more mature London escorts she does yoga and exercises often, which her body slim and fit, and is believed to be her secret behind her stunning beauty. Eva has graced several occasions, accompanied by amazing escorts.

· Hilary Knight

She is well known for her success in ice-hockey playing. Apart from being perfect in her profession, she is also a sexy and hot diva. She hardly wears swimming costumes and sexy outfits before the camera and therefore lacks hot pictures in the internet.

When these sexy women attend events, photographers and reporters must have escorts when passing through the crowd.