Why i date Watford escorts

I just love dating Watford escorts, they are the only girls who really make me happy. They are probably the best looking and the sexiest escorts in London but there are many more reasons why you should date Watford escorts.

I have dated escorts in other parts of London and the UK as well but I keep coming back to my http://cityofeve.com/watford-escorts Watford escorts. Watford escorts are the best in many ways, and I think it is a shame that more business men like myself date Watford escorts. Most of the other business men that I speak to seem to have a thing for escorts from other parts of London, but I have decided to stick to my Watford escorts and never give up one them.

Why you should date Watford escorts

I have to say that there are quite a few reasons you should date Watford escorts, and I am going to run through some of them with you.

Price – it may sound silly but I think that escorts services in other parts of London are over priced, and the agencies charge too much. I know that it is more expensive to live and work in central London but I still find the prices crazy. Many of the girls in central London charge about £250 per hour but in Watford you can date an escort from between £100 – £150 per hour. I think that is a much more reasonable price, and the good news is of course that you spend more time with your favorite escort.

I am not one of those people who like to come and go in a heat and rush. It is better to take your time and get to know a girl rather than just to rush around and get all flustered and anxious. Rushing is no good for me and I feel that rushing seriously affects my performance so it is out of the question for me.

Quality – the quality of service in Watford is just as good as in other parts of London, and the girls are just as nice. Many of the Watford escorts that I have dated have been sexier and better looking than many of the central London ladies that I have met over the years. They also have a lot of more time for you, and I think that matters a lot as well.

Central London ladies seem to hurry you. Okay, they are very polite about it but it still matters. If, you have paid for an escort I think that it is important that you are allowed to take your time, and truly enjoy yourself. Many of the central London ladies earn more money than I do in a year, so value for money and quality are both important factors when it comes to dating escorts.

I would like to get married one day ,but for the time being I am going to stick to dating escorts. There are so many lovely girls out there, and I just can’t get enough of them to be honest with you.

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